Singapore Windows IT Pro Group – April 2011 Newsletter

  • April Meet Up Agenda
  • Where is my battery notification?
  • PowerShell Script to Shut Down Computers
  • Using File Classification Infrastructure to Solve Common Problems
  • Using Group Policy to prevent FTP.EXE from running
  • Surface Attach Analyzer

April Meet Up Agenda

Date: 13th April 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm to 9.30pm
Venue: 1 Marina Boulevard #22-00,MS Singapore – 22CF12

6.30pm: Registration
7.00pm: Session 1 – New features of IE9
8.15pm: Toilet/Stretching Break
8.30pm: Session 2 – Win2008R2 SP1 – RemoteFX & Dynamic Memory
9.30pm: Home Sweet Home

Session 1 – New features of IE9


Knowing that IE9 has launch but how many of you have installed and tried? Do you know about the new browser controls, pinning sites to taskbar, search in the Address bar and other new feature in IE 9? If you don’t then this is one session you won’t want to miss. Come join Bernard as he show you the new feature of IE 9.

Session 2 – Win2008R2 SP1 – RemoteFX & Dynamic Memory (Richard)


Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 adds two new capabilities RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory to enable high-performance workloads and increase data center VM density. Dynamic Memory allows IT administrators to pool all memory available on a physical host and dynamically distribute it to virtual machines. RemoteFX lets administrators provide an even richer and user-transparent desktop virtualization experience. This month we will peep into these two new capabilities and talk about their advantages.



For registration, please email to with the following:

- Name
- Email Address

Note: There won’t be an event confirmation. Just turn up, we don’t turn people away. However, please register if you’re coming.

Where is my battery notification?

I came across this interesting post about battery notification in Win7. Personally I did not notice that battery notification can be turned off in Win7. I believe there are some of you out there that doesn’t know too. In this post, Aviraj Ajgekar show you clearly step by step how that can be done. Enjoy.

PowerShell Script to Shut Down Computers

Last month we had June sharing with us on PowerShell. To follow up, we are sharing with you here a script that might be useful to you in your work. This is just a simple script done using PowerShell to shutdown computers. Especially useful if you need user to shutdown their computer and they don’t. Hope you find it useful.

Using File Classification Infrastructure to Solve Common Problems

Data contained in File Servers is completely opaque to administrators. The requirements introduced by corporate GRC and compliance rules require administrators to understand what kind of data they have, and set up automatic policies. With the Windows Server 2008 R2 File Classification infrastructure, administrators now have a tool to help them gain insight and set up automated policies to manage and protect files. This session explores how to deal with such common problems as: getting rid of data from users who have left the company; protecting personal information; and file server storage optimization.

Using Group Policy to prevent FTP.EXE from running

As most of you might know, Windows7 is loaded with ftp.exe. So if your environment do not allow this process from running what can you do? GPO is the answer. GPO is capable to help you block this process from running. Take a look at this post shared by Dennis to see how you can set your GPO to get it working for you.

Surface Attach Analyzer

If you have not heard of Attack Surface Analyzer, it is a verification tool by Microsoft to catalog changes in system state. This tool is released as Beta to public on January 2011. Wish to know a little more? Visit the link which links you to Bernard’s blog post on Surface Attach Analyzer.


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